Commercial Foundation Repair

Commercial foundation repair is a complex matter, as it requires extensive knowledge of the structural elements that make up a building foundation. Structural Solutions Experts (SSE) is an established company that specializes in providing effective solutions to various commercial foundation problems. With decades of experience and the use of the latest technologies and techniques, SSE has been able to provide its clients with timely, cost-effective solutions to their needs. This blog post will provide an overview of the services that SSE offers related to commercial foundation repair as well as some advice on how to identify and address potential issues with your commercial foundations.

Causes of Commercial Foundation Damage:

Concrete lifting is the process of bringing up sunken or uneven concrete pieces using specialized equipment. The most common form of this service involves using a hydraulic jack system, which injects a substance beneath the slab in order to lift it into place. This method requires precise calculations in order to ensure that the slab is lifted evenly and safely. Other forms of concrete lifting involve the use of heavy-duty pulleys and cables as well as foam jacking systems. Regardless of which method is chosen, all work must be done by experienced professionals who understand both the safe operation of their equipment and the necessary precautions for avoiding damage to existing structures.

Water Erosion:

Water erosion is one of the most common natural causes of commercial foundation damage. It occurs when large amounts of water saturate the soil around a building’s base, causing gradual erosion over time. This can weaken the support structure underneath a building and lead to foundational issues like cracking or sinking foundations. To prevent this from happening, it’s important for businesses to assess any potential weak points in their buildings where water might be slowly seeping through over time and take appropriate measures to ensure proper drainage is maintained around these areas.

Seismic Activity:

Seismic activity is another common cause of commercial foundation damage. Earthquakes, no matter how small they may appear on the surface, can have serious repercussions on a building’s base if not properly accounted for during construction or regularly checked afterward for signs of wear and tear. If you live or work in an area prone to seismic activity, it’s especially important for businesses to ensure that their structures are up-to-date with modern earthquake codes and regulations so that they don’t run into any problems down the line due to structural weaknesses caused by seismic activity.

Inadequate Construction/Poor Maintenance Practices:

The last major category responsible for most instances of commercial foundation damage are inadequate construction/poor maintenance practices. This involves anything from improper laying down of foundations during initial construction stages all the way up through regular maintenance routines that could potentially leave buildings exposed to potential damages over time if not followed correctly or ignored altogether at certain points in time. To avoid complications brought about by these types of issues, businesses must always ensure that their foundations are laid correctly according to all current regulations and codes while also staying on top of regular inspections designed both identify existing problems as well as prevent future ones from occurring in the first place.

Structure Solutions Experts Services:

At Structure Solutions Experts (SSE), we offer comprehensive services designed specifically for dealing with commercial foundations repair needs across a varietyof industries including retail storesm health care facilities educational institutions , office buildings , apartment buildings , hotels , warehouses , churches , manufacturing facilities , etc . Our team consists of experienced professionals who specialize in assessing existing structures , diagnosing potential problems , developing solutions tailored specifically for each individual client . We also make sure our clients understand every step along way so there’s complete transparency throughout entire process . Here some specific services we offer when it comes taking care your business’s foundations :

The first step towards addressing any potential issue with your business’s foundations begin diagnosis . Our experts will take detailed look at your structure find out precisely what kind underlying issue may be causing problem . Once diagnosis complete then we’re able create customized solution fix issue as soon possible . In addition inspecting damaging effects weather soil moisture moisture content surrounding environment high winds etc .

After diagnostic stage our team can then move onto actual repairing process itself . Depending severity problem there variety methods techniques used ensure job done properly safely without disrupting normal operations business while minimizing disruption customer service staff too . These range everything simple concrete fillings help patch cracks more complex strategies like underpinning implement new reinforced footings strengthen support beneath entire structure overall increase stability longevity building itself .

One common factor behind many cases commercial foundation damage waterproofing drainage systems put place protect against elements outside world resulting increased risks flooding water invasion potentially leading further issues down line otherwise addressed swiftly efficiently . Our technicians equipped handle installation maintenance preventative waterproofing systems keep dryer longer periods time thereby reducing chances experiencing serious longterm damages resulting invasions liquid materials seeping through porous surfaces constantly present threat structure integrity .

Commercial foundation repair is an important component of keeping any building, whether residential or commercial, in good condition. The proper maintenance of a building’s foundation can ensure that the structure and its occupants remain safe and secure in the years to come. This blog post will take a closer look at what commercial foundation repair entails, as well as provide information on why it is so important and how best to go about getting it done.


When it comes to keeping your business, home, or even entire building structurally sound and safe from the elements, commercial foundation repair is an important piece of the puzzle. Taking care of any foundational issues can prevent long-term damage that can become costly in both money and time down the road. Here at Structure Solutions Experts, we specialize in commercial foundation repair and can take on jobs of all sizes. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of foundation repair for businesses as well as what goes into a successful repair job.

The Basics: What Is Commercial Foundation Repair?

Simply put, commercial foundation repair is a service that involves addressing any structural issues with a building’s foundation before they become worse over time. This could include anything from cracks in the walls or floors to shifting foundations due to flooding or other water-related damage. Depending on where your business is located, there may be local ordinances regarding how you need to handle such repairs; some places actually require property owners to have their foundations periodically inspected by professionals and repaired if necessary. Either way, getting these repairs done sooner rather than later is always the best course of action when it comes to protecting your investment and ensuring that everything stays structurally sound for years to come.

What Goes Into A Successful Foundation Repair? 

In order for any foundation repair job to be a success, it’s important that all aspects of the project are completed correctly. First off, identifying the exact source of the problem is key; whether it’s due to soil erosion or something else entirely, knowing what’s causing the issue beforehand will help ensure that proper steps are taken during the actual repair process. Additionally, choosing materials carefully should also be part of any successful foundation repair job; make sure that you’re selecting quality products so as not to compromise on durability or performance down the road. Finally, having an experienced professional oversee every step of the process – from initial evaluation to cleanup – will help give you peace of mind knowing that everything was done right and according to code (if there are any applicable ones).

Benefits Of Professional Commercial Foundation Repair


One great benefit of opting for professional commercial foundation repair services is being able to get back into your building faster after repairs have been completed; since experienced professionals know exactly how things should be done (and often already have access to equipment/tools needed), they can usually get any job finished up much quicker than if you were just trying DIY methods or having random contractors attempt things here and there. Additionally, hiring a pro means having someone who knows about safety codes (as well as local laws) involved throughout; this ensures that your business meets all necessary requirements when it comes time for inspections or other management tasks related to upkeep/maintenance duties down the road. Most importantly though? Hiring an experienced team helps guarantee that your building remains structurally sound no matter what mother nature throws its way!


At Structure Solutions Experts we specialize in commercial foundation repair services and have years worth of experience tackling projects big and small alike. With our attention-to-detail approach backed by top-notch customer service guarantees you can trust us with whatever needs arise when it comes time for repairing foundations around your business property or other buildings in need. For more information about our offerings – including free estimates – feel free contact us today!